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If you are searching for information on Laurens County warrants, it is important to know that no public-access online database exists. Instead, you must visit the sheriff’s office or court to inquire about specific individuals and obtain warrant information.

  • The sheriff’s office is located at 117 E Jackson St., Dublin, Georgia, and can be reached at 478-272-4755.
  • The court is located at 101 N Jefferson St., Dublin, GA, and can be contacted at 478-272-3210.

An online inmate search tool is provided at the offender index website, which offers personal information, arrest and release dates, days spent in jail, and more. For more extensive arrest records, an electronic offender search can be conducted.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation offers a statewide criminal background check, which requires the full name and date of birth of each person being searched and costs $15.00 per search. This search tool provides a comprehensive criminal history report, including information on arrest warrants, prison records, police records, and court dockets.

Warrant Information

To find warrant information in Laurens County, you must visit the sheriff’s office or court, as no online database is available.

Different types of warrants can be issued, including arrest, search, and bench warrants.

Arrest warrants are issued when law enforcement has probable cause to believe that a person has committed a crime and should be arrested.

Search warrants authorize law enforcement to search a specific location for evidence related to a crime.

Bench warrants are issued when someone fails to appear in court as ordered.

To obtain a warrant, law enforcement officers must provide evidence to a judge or magistrate, who’ll review the evidence and determine if there’s sufficient cause to issue the warrant.

Contact Information

For contact information regarding warrant inquiries or arrest records, visit the Laurens County sheriff’s office at 117 E Jackson St. Dublin, Georgia 31040, or the 101 N Jefferson St. Dublin, GA 31040 court. The sheriff’s office can be reached by phone at 478-272-4755, while the court can be contacted at 478-272-3210.

Unfortunately, there’s no online database available for searching wanted individuals in Laurens County. Therefore, visiting the sheriff’s office or the court in person is necessary to inquire about specific individuals or obtain warrant information.

For viewing court records, an open records request is required.

For a statewide criminal background check, you can use the online felon search provided by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, but a fee of $15.00 is required for each search.

The video features a YouTube video interview with Lawrence County Sheriff Larry Dean. He discusses the significance of community support and teamwork. Highlights include efforts to improve pay for deputies, the use of body cameras, collaboration with other agencies, and continuous training. The sheriff also emphasizes accessibility to citizens and expresses gratitude to the community and staff.

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